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Hospital Occupational Health programs generally provide medical exams and drug & alcohol testing services. However, regulations change over time that require either interpretation and/or revision of their current processes. Additionally, many become involved in legal issues with their employer clients as a result of problems associated with drug & alcohol testing or physical exams. More often than not, these cases are the result of labor issues that a client employer may not have adequately addressed in their policies or they don't fully understand. The Occupational Health provider, as a service agent, generally winds up in the middle of things.

Providing guidance to these service agents is a long-term service provided by Transportation Resources. In most cases early intervention on behalf of a service provider has resulted in a swift resolution or has assisted them in providing guidance to their clients utilizing the regulations or regulatory agencies that govern them. The outcome is reduced liability, minimizing costs and/or personnel & legal counseling time for the provider.

Also, some providers may discover through federal or state reviews, or legal issues they are involved in, that they may have been interpreting regulations erroneously. They may also need assistance with the programs they provide to effect change. This is where we can help. Some of the assistance we provide to service agents includes:

  • General consulting on medical examinations & drug & alcohol testing
  • Random testing programs set up and maintenance [regulated and non-regulated (Drug-free workplace)]
  • Drug & alcohol testing contracts with employers
  • Review of all regulatory processes & recommendations
  • Training programs for employees and clients such as:
    -Performing DOT physical exams and dealing with problem issues
    -Supervisor Training in dealing with workplace substance abuse
    -Employee education in workplace substance abuse
    (See "Seminars" section of this website for additional seminars)

For more specific assistance with services relating directly to drug and alcohol programs, such as drug screen collector & collector trainer training and MRO & MRO assistant training, contact Rich Wilson on our Contacts page.