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Safety Consulting

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Safety Consulting

Transportation Resources provides a variety of safety programs that enable employers to meet the minimum federal and state motor carrier safety compliance requirements. In addition to offering affordable written policies, we enable employers to effectively manage their compliance programs while minimizing their cost, liability risk, time and administrative requirements.

Our simple approach results in increased understanding of the complex motor carrier regulations by employers and drivers and better understanding of the record-keeping requirements. Driver training and education programs enable employers to enhance safe driver performance and document their compliance.

Drug and Alcohol Programs

Transportation Resources offers cost-effective drug and alcohol testing policies and programs to employers regulated by federal and state Departments of Transportation (DOT/PENNDOT) as well as other employers seeking to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace. Additionally we assist Hospital & Occupational Health Programs who provide drug & alcohol testing services.

We help employers understand the differences between regulated and non-regulated testing (drug-free workplace) and show them how to properly apply these regulations and/or laws in their policies, especially if they have employees who fall under both Company programs.  We also conduct reasonable suspicion awareness training for supervisors & employee substance use/misuse awareness.

Hospitals & Occupational Health programs benefit from a variety of programs including random testing set-up & management, general consulting, and training for Medical Review Officers & Assistants, Drug Screen Collectors & Trainers, Supervisors, as well as workplace substance abuse awareness and training.