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Employee Awareness: Workplace Substance Abuse

Employers and hospital Occupational Health Programs benefit from our effective employee awareness programs. Employees are often more knowledgeable about drugs than they are given credit for. Most times presenters of these programs generally relate to experiences from their specific point of view as a specialty practitioner. Our hands-on experience in managing workplace programs enables us to provide a comprehensive awareness approach.  We focus on education and the basic information employees need to complement their rudimentary knowledge, to include dispelling myths and misperceptions of drugs & drug laws, as well as the effects of drug & alcohol use not only on personal and work lives, but also on safety.

Our program includes:

  • Workplace Use Statistics
  • Cost to Business Annually
  • Effects on Quality of Life
  • Impact on Co-Workers & Supervisors
  • What Employees/Supervisors Can Do
  • What a Company Should Do
  • History of Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Regulated vs. Non-Regulated (Drug-free workplace) Testing
  • Drug Testing Process
  • The Drugs