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Supervisory Training and Employee Education: Workplace Substance Abuse

Regardless of the governing regulatory agency, all require supervisory training in dealing with workplace substance abuse and education for employees on the effects of substance abuse/misuse. Employers seeking a drug-free workplace should do the same to establish program credibility and minimize legal risks.  Our comprehensive and innovative training & educational approach results in a clear understanding of regulatory & drug-free workplace testing, the role of supervisors and provides quality education for both supervisors and employees.

Supervisory training includes:

  • A Supervisor's Guide to Substance Abuse/Misuse in the Workplace
  • Overview of DOT & Drug-free workplace drug and alcohol testing laws, rules & regulations
  • Workplace substance Abuse/Misuse (identifying, documenting & confronting)
  • Reasonable suspicion determination (with easy to use "Observations" form)
  • Supervisory "Quick Reference" guide
  • Guide to Dangerous Drugs
  • Certificate of Training

Employee education includes:

  • Written materials required by DOT & for a drug-free workplace
  • Overview of the effects of substance abuse on Employees and Employers
  • History of drug testing & the applicable federal and state laws
  • Specific effect of illegal drugs on the body & workplace safety

Both training & education programs can be done on-site. Supervisory training can also be provided through seminars conducted for various Occupational Health Care Providers.