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Richard Wilson was featured in an editorial in the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

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Client Testimonials

In addition to all areas concerning the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), Rich and Phil have assisted us in the process of developing sound policies, assisting us during grievances and arbitrations, keeping us informed of all changes to the regulations and providing explanations to them.

Rich and Phil have helped us maintain a compliant, safe company and responsibility to our communities which we take pride in.

Mike Sadowski
Vice President Operations
All Star Distributing, Inc.
Reading, PA

Their Written Safety and Drug and Alcohol Policies help us clearly state our responsibilities as an employer and clarify our policies for our employees. Additionally, their periodic reviews of our records reinforce our compliance efforts and their timely availability to assist us with issues on short-notice has proven valuable in resolving issues quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Laura Vandegrift
Director, Human Resources
Davis Beverage Co.
Davis Transportation, Inc.
Bethlehem, PA

"...If your policies can pass a Transportation Resources audit, you can be assured that you have made a wise partnership decision."

Daniel S. Miles, Ph.D.                                 Jo-Anne Davis
Director, Centers for Occupational Health       Director, Marketying and Sales
Crozer-Keystone Health System
Philadelphia, PA