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DOT Audits and Reviews

Employers may be reviewed by federal or state agencies for a variety of reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Application for operating authority (interstate or intrastate) (a review is usually conducted with 180 days of the application)
  • Following an accident involving a fatality
  • A high S.E.A. (safety) rating
  • Complaint filed with agency against the employer
  • Follow-up from a previous review
  • Random selection
  • Existing employer who has not been previously reviewed
  • An employer who has not been previously reviewed
  • An employer not reviewed for a long period of time
  • Request by an employer for a review

Some employers who have either a conditional or unsatisfactory rating may also request a review to demonstrate changes in their programs in order to obtain a more favorable rating, perhaps to be eligible for certain contracts or contract bids or to avoid fines and sanctions.

Transportation Resources has assisted many clients by either:

  • Conducting an informal review to assess compliance and make any recommended changes
  • Helping the employer to prepare for a review
  • Assisting the employer in responding to a review that has been conducted & helping with changes mandated by the reviewing agency
  • Setting up or revising existing compliance efforts prior to a review
  • Being present at the time of the review to facilitate understanding for the employer